dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

The Newdog15 Proudly Presents.... Crazy Shinto Bitches in the Mood!

For those somehow as yet unaware of this shtick, I will occasionally take the tawdry straw of Japanese hentai (or "pornographic", to us anglophones) comics, and spin of them the purest of comedy gold. I do so under the pen name of Newdog15, for reasons which I explained here.

These posts, naturally, are ever so slightly not-safe-for-work, but I consider this a moot point in large part because, really, who's going to be reading something like this at work? Crazy people, and people with private offices, that's who.

Anyways. As always, enjoy, and by all means, let's have some feedback. It's a little more high concept than some I've done (which is saying something!), but I feel it does its job well.

Tags: comedy, comic books, japanese, newdog15, penis, writing

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