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Share the Wealth Wednesday #4

It is once again Wednesday, and with this turning of the week, we once again find ourselves in line for that most exciting and fruitful of occasions; Share the Wealth Wednesday!

For those who do not yet know, and for those who have forgotten, allow me to elucidate in brief: Every Wednesday, we share some Neat Thing we have discovered on the net which others can share in and enjoy with no more than a few mouse clicks. A YouTube video, a video game, a webcomic, or whatever. While things which are new are always to be preferred, since things which have not existed for long are more likely to be new and novel to a larger number of people, the fact remains that even the very oldest of websites are as new as the day’s sunrise to someone who’s never seen them. Therefore, each Wednesday, we Share the Wealth, posting about these Neat Things here, for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

For my own contribution this week, I put truth to my own words by presenting something which has existed for the better part of a decade but which I only became aware of a month or so ago. There exists in the city of Austin, Texas, a public access television show entitled “The Atheist Experience”, which exists as a sort of outreach program for a group called the Atheist Community of Austin (or ACA, if you prefer), serving not only to discuss a wide range of topics – though predominantly religious and philosophical by nature - from an atheistic standpoint, both to educate the larger, largely christian community of Texas, as to who and what atheists are, and to show that they’re not the monstrous devil-worshippers that their preachers would have them believe they are.

In this, they are only partially successful.

Because, you see, this is Texas. And Texans are ORNERY. They’re aggressive, brash and loud. This applies to both the atheists on the show and their largely-christian callers. For you see, this is a call-in show, and their calls are always awesome, being, as they are, dialogues between two equally abrasive and loud groups with wildly differing world-views. I absolutely love watching this show. Doing so is possible because they not only also stream their show online – giving it a global audience – they also have an impressive archive of past shows going back some four years or so, which are freely downloadable and/or viewable online. I have lately been going through them at a rate of two or three episodes per week, and absolutely loving them. Give ‘er a look, eh wot?

Here's one of my favourite episodes, in which the hosts discuss in some depth the prevelant and ongoing meme of "Those angry atheists".

So! What about you folks? Share the Wealth!
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