dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Share the Wealth Wednesday #5

Well my oh me! Could it be Wednesday again so soon? Where DOES the time go?

This week, I've got another oldie but goodie, and one which I THINK is obscure enough that it should be new to a sizable enough portion of the population to whom it would be of interest.

There's this fellow on YouTube, you see. And he creates these amazing short videos by creatively editing footage from episodes of Star Trek : The Next Generation into these absurd, minimalist comedies. He has, creatively, entitled this series "The Next Generation", and there are over thirty of them thus far. While they do stand alone well on their own, there are running gags and whatnot which serve to create an overall violation of the sensibilities of anyone who's ever been a fan of the show which is at times quite breathtaking. I present for your consideration what I consider to be perhaps the best set of four episodes by means of demonstration.

So! What have you got this week, dear friends? What entertaining thing, to be found at the click of a mouse, might we enjoy as you have enjoyed it? It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to Share the Wealth!
Tags: comedy, share the wealth wednesday, video, youtube

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