dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Ming day and a plea for help from Vancouver-area folks!

So, after having been promised a week in which to move my stuff to my new place, it turns out that I shall in fact have but two days to get the job done; this Sunday and Monday. This is naturally a cause for distress. Nevertheless, the new place is just two short blocks from my current home, and so it seems to me that with the help of a few friends, easily-accomplished in that time.

And so do I ask you, oh Vancouver-area readers, if you have the will, the means and the opportunity to aid me in effecting this one-man exodus on either of those two days. In addition to the fine conversation to be had, those who take part will be richly rewarded with food and drink specially ordered from a business establishment of their choice! What wonders to behold!

Anyone who feels like they might have even so much as a few hours free on either day, let me know; I expect it to be more or less an all-day process both days, and any help would be appreciated.
Tags: personal crap, vancouver

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