dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Moving Chaos

The good news, dear friends, is that I'm almost entirely moved into my new apartment. It's a decent enough place, and though perhaps not as nice as my current home, it's also about $150 less per month than my current place. Whatever other flaws it may have, though, are in large part forgiven and forgotten in light of one delightful surprise: A bathtub very nearly large enough for me to immerse myself in hot water. A rare treat for a man such as myself who enjoys relaxing and luxuriating in a nice hot bath.

The move, as difficult as it was, was in large measure made bearable by the capable aid of lenimonkey , prolixapostasy and sarieverna , whose efforts kept me sane yesterday, and who I owe a great debt of gratitude to each of.

However! No move goes without bumps, and I've hit a sizable one: Even though I called about a week before my move to have my phone and internet connections moved to the new place today, on the first, I am now told that it will not be happening until the 10th. This is not something I was told at the time, and comes as a rude surprise indeed. A week and a half with no connections of any kind? That ought to be interesting. And by interesting, I mean outlandishly boring.

I'm going to try to get a pay as you go cel phone to last me that week and a half, and I'll be able to do e-mail and such at work, but I'm going to be in large part disappeared until at least the 10th. This naturally means no new chapters of Curse of the Rhino King until then (which recent events have prevented me from updating on schedule, as it may not surprise you to learn), but I hope and plan to spend this time hard at work and hopefully building up a backlog of chapters for when I get back.

Anyways! I've been awake for about 42 hours now, and I'm beginning to get tired. I'm going to disconnect now, and see if I can squeeze in six or so hours of sleep before resuming work.

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