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I have a little game that I like to play sometimes, and I find that I have a very solid track record of success. I feel, on the merits of my past successes, like I’m ready to play in the big leagues and take this game to the international level. And given the not only international but indeed global scope of my readership, what better forum for it than my own humble blog?

And so.

I have, for the majority of my life, been an avid comic book collector, and my collection is a wide and varied one, spanning many genres and styles. I often assert – and I think justifiably – that my collection contains tens of thousands of good comics, and hundreds of bad comics. All of which is to say, I know my stuff where the medium is concerned.

The game I like to play, and which I enjoin each and every one of you reading this to play with me, is a simple one: You tell me any three unrelated works of fiction which you have enjoyed (and which I have some knowledge of), and I will tell you about a couple of comic book series or stories which you will also enjoy. My track record here is solid; I’ve gotten many people who had never previously read a single comic book in their lives hooked on any number of series based upon my careful analysis and cross-referencing of their interests and inclinations. I am confident that I can do the same for some significant portion of those of you reading this.

So! Lay it on me, friends and readers. Tell me what you have liked, and I will not only tell you what you will like, but why you will like it. Great enjoyment and enthusiasm await you.
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