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Share the Wealth Wednesday #7

Good morning to you, friends and readers, and happy Wednesday to you! I’m sure you know full well what this holiest day of the week impends (and those few of you who do not, I suggest you check out previous entries on this topic for the skinny!), and so without further ado, allow me, as they say, to Share the Wealth!

Remember the villain from Silence of the Lambs? No, I’m not talking about Hannibal Lecter. Why would I even ask a question like that? Of course you remember Hannibal Lecter; he’s one of the ten most memorable movie villains of the 20th century. And besides, he wasn’t so much “the villain” of Silence of the Lambs as he was “an incredibly horrible person who appears in Silence of the Lambs, completely outshining the real villain of the movie in the process.” The real villain, of whom I speak, was Buffalo Bill. Remember him? The guy with the house full of clutter and horrors, the pit in the basement he threw girls into, and all of that business?

Yeah, now you remember.

Well, imagine for a moment if he had a YouTube channel. And imagine if, on that channel, he did amazingly insightful reviews of mediocre movies , while at the same time being this nightmarish lunatic in a house of unspeakable horror. But still! Very insightful and providing a sound and reasonable critique of mediocre films! Critiques which are occasionally interrupted by deranged ramblings about his horrible life and many victims?

If you can imagine this, then you’re pretty close to envisioning my contribution this week. It’s gone kind of viral, so you may have heard of it already, but check out this amazing seven-part review of Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Clocking in at seventy minutes, this review is almost half as long as the original film, but differs substantially from it in that this review is actually a far more compelling and entertaining piece of film-making. Not only does the narrator absolutely dissect the entire film in meticulous and brutal detail, he does so hilariously, and with occasional insights into his own warped and diseased mind. There are... asides, shall we say, which are startling and overwhelming, which I won’t spoil beyond saying that if you don’t watch at least up to the end of part two, you’re genuinely cheating yourself.

Apparently, this fellow has done a number of other film reviews as this same character, which I will definitely be checking out as well. For my part, I could seriously stand to see more reviews in this style. It’s almost Hunter S. Thompson-esque: Gonzo film review, if you will. I would like to live in a world in which all film reviews which were not created specifically with brevity in mind were done something like this, but I know that to pin my hopes on a dream as beautiful as this is to invite despair and woe, for we do not live in a world which such visions can long be sustained within. C’est la vie.

Anyways! There’s my contribution this week. What be yours? Let’s see what you’ve got as you Share the Wealth!
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