dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

The Newdog15 and Pipkin Proudly Present... A Mouth Full of Bees!

The wait is over, at least for those of you who were waiting for me to produce another volume of ribald hilarity! And moreover, that small and possibly nonexistent subset of whom that was waiting for me to do so in collaboration with my good friend pipkin .

Without further ado, my friends, allow me to with great pride unleash upon you... A Mouth Full of Bees.

Collaborations of this variety are always rewarding, and never more so than in a case like this, where the creative process becomes very nearly a pissing contest between my collaborator and I, each of us trying to surpass the other in how far we're willing to go for a joke, forever egging one another on to greater heights of depravity and inspiration. I am profoundly proud of the extent we both succeeded in this particular endeavour, as those of you who read this tale will surely attest.
Tags: comedy, comic books, japanese, newdog15, penis, writing

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