dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

This music just kicks my ass every time.

On a happier front...

The other day at work, I heard this music coming out of my radio that just immediately grabbed my attention and would not let go. Within seconds, I was looking for a pen and paper so I could scribble down some of the lyrics and then search them out online so that I might get the name of the tune and hear more.

As it turns out, the song in question is "Back in Town", by Matt Dusk. I've listened to it maybe ten times and am in no sense close to being sick of it. It has an amazingly punchy rythm to it, and I am tempted to see about purchasing the album from which it comes just on principle. I've been distractedly humming the tune to myself for a couple of days now, and now I pass on that gift to all of you: 

Tags: music, youtube

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