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Oh, hello, there, Livejournal!

It's weird; for the last couple of months, I've had not so much a writer's block as a poster's block. I keep on coming up with all this stuff and then never posting any of it. I honestly don't know why. I'm going to try to shake off some of that funk by keeping up a habit of posting at least one thing a day for the next couple of weeks (and thus work through my backlog of stuff, incidentally), and thus hopefully get back into the swing of posting regularly.

One of the things I've been up to lately is more of the sort of abstract art which went into the creation of my website, though this stuff is less "mission-oriented" per se, in that none of it is meant to be elements of menus or whatever; it's all just visual explorations, and a lot of it, for that matter, is the product of what amounts to doodles I'm doing while listening to something else; just something to keep my hands busy. Nevertheless, there's a few that I think are worth showing off, and so here's a small handful of them, for your perusal.



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9th Nov, 2010 18:14 (UTC)
Looks like there's some Mandelbrot-inspired stuff there. Were you thinking of that, or is it just a coincidence?
10th Nov, 2010 06:30 (UTC)
It must be a coincidence; I'm sure I HAVE known what the word "mandlebrot" referred to at one point in my life, but have since forgotten. I suppose it's possible that there was some sort of unconscious influence at play here, though.
9th Nov, 2010 19:00 (UTC)
Wicked designs. :) Good to hear from you.

Weird as it sounds, I've missed your posts.
10th Nov, 2010 06:31 (UTC)
Yeah, I've missed posting as well, which has made this inexplicable "poster's block" that much more strangely unpleasant.
9th Nov, 2010 22:35 (UTC)
interesting! not sure if the diagonal shadow across the last one fits the piece though... but that's merely my two cents
10th Nov, 2010 06:33 (UTC)
The shadow is something of an optical illusion; the result of my laying down a couple of gleaming paths of light across the design right at the end, over the existing colours. It's not intended to be darkness in and of itself; just the absence of gleaming light.
10th Nov, 2010 22:24 (UTC)
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