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Oops! Forgot to post last year!

So despite not having posted in like a year and change, I've been getting all of these people friending me these past few weeks! Hello new people! What the hell is going on with you folks?

I actually kept on meaning to get back to this blog but never quite seemed to get around to it and at a certain point it started to feel pointless. Still, though, it seems that at least some people are paying attention, so...

Well! Show of hands! Who's still reading here? If there's any significant number of people interested, I may try to get back into the habit. I've certainly got plenty of material to update with at this point.

For example: I recently got done this collaboration: I did the colours, and a friend of mine did the line art. It's a group of characters called the Bog Fairies; minor chracters from my online roleplaying game (which consumes most of my online time these days), Twisted Reflections (and more on that later).

I suggest you save the image and open it with your own image viewer. I don't know why, but for some reason (and I know this isn't just me), Firefox displays it as FAR darker than it's supposed to be!



14th Jan, 2012 07:44 (UTC)
What happened is your video on slugs was posted by the Bloggess on one of her columns. I was late in finding it(I keep falling behind on my RSS feeds), but I did encourage people to check out your blog, since the two of you have somewhat similar senses of humour. If you want, I can track down exactly which post it was, but right now I'm too lazy to and couldn't tell you off the top of my head where it is.

Anyway, glad you're still around, and I think it goes without saying that I would like you to continue posting. I had actually thought that maybe you still had been, and something had gone wonky with my feed, which has happened before. And then I checked, and found my feed had been entirely honest. T'was a sad moment, but it's all good now.

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