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Just got back from a brisk near-midnight run. Ah, it's been a long, long time since I've taken the opportunity to do that. Far too long, truth be known.

Bck in the day, I used to run from Queen Elizabeth Park, to Waterfront Skytrain Station, to Main Street Skytrain station without ever taking a pause for rest. Generally, this would occur around 3:00 in the AM. Then came employment, and this sort of thing had to come to an end. That was... four years aho? Five? Something like that. It's beeen a long, long time since I've been that physically fit.

I feel like I'm getting close, though. Not in terms of the specifics of the mass and shape of my body - not yet - but close to the point where I had the discipline and commitment that I had in those days. The run I just made lasted from 10:53 to 11:39. The last such run I took was significantly shorter in terms of distance, but took about an hour. My resilience and stamina are growing by the day.

Last time I considered myself physically fit, I weighed in at 235 lbs. These days, I'm still a big 250, down from the 275 or so I was a month and a half ago. Therefore, I set myself this goal:

I will get myself down to 230 lbs. This will be fit -enough- . I will consider this an adequate physique, as it will likely be the best shape I will have been in in my adult life. And I will accept no less than that.

And when the day comes that my scale tells me that I have reached this goal, I will consider myself attractive enough to move on with my life.

It's no secret, after all, that attractive people are always more socially successfull than ugly people. I have set a goal for myself that I should have a job by the end of this year which my artistic skills will fashion me with. Particularly, I aspire to be a video game concept artist. There are a few local companies which I've had my eye on. This is why I've been building up my portfolio in such a rapid manner, also: I must have the best and most varied stock of original artwork to put before a prospective employer as I can.

So: I will acheive the best physical condition of my adult life. And then, thus improved, I will go and try out for the best job of my adult life. This is my ambition. And I will not be deterred.
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