December 23rd, 2008


A holiday-themed snippet of conversation

I was talking earlier today with my friend Brett, who is a prison guard.

Me: "So, do you have any free time in the next week or so?"
Brett: "Not really. I'm working a sixteen hour shift at the prison on christmas day."
Me: "Should be some wicked-awesome holiday pay there."
Brettt: "Oh, yeah, and sixteen hours with the inmates. What could be more fun?"
Me: "You know what you should do? You should go wearing a santa hat that day, and wear it all shift long. And you should go walking down the way in front of the cells with a big list, and as you walk by each one, you look into the cell, look at your list, and say 'Naughty.", 'Naughty.', 'Naughty.'"
Brett: "And just put naughty for every one. Because they're in prison, so obviously they're all naughty.
Me: "That's what the joke hinges on, yeah."
Brett: "And one time, I should stop in front of one cell for like a solid minute and really scrutinize one guy before going 'Naaaauuuughty."
Me: "I think this is a solid plan."


Note: This is not actually a solid plan.

Les Liaisons: An Adventre in Bourgeois Excess

I recently became aware of this splendid little gem of a game. The creators don't seem to have a homepage or any sort of web presence that I'm able to discern, or else I would link it here. I have no idea how they intended to see this distributed, which is baffling, given the amount of work that plainly went into this opus.

At any event, it's brief - it will only take about 25 minutes to play through in its entirety - and can only be called a "game" in the loosest possible sense of the words, but is entirely delightful; it's a sort of gentle subversion of Final Fantasy-esque RPGS, which possitively takes to early 19th century foppery in the same way that a pig takes to its own filth. I found myself positively prostrate with ejaculations of jocularity within moments of partaking in this comedic romp, and I can reccommend it to anyone fond of bourgeois excess and adventures therein with the utmost of confidence.