December 24th, 2008


Happy Annual Winter-Themed Gift-Giving Extraveganza, dickweeds!

Once again, the world is as cold and as dark as ever it shall be, blanketed, on the majority of its landmasses, by snow and shadow and a cold which seems to seek to leech the warmth from your very bones themselves.

It is with this in mind that it seems to me it is time to revisit a time honoured holiday tradition; the annual telling of a tale which was first recorded two years ago, and which I feel it is only meet and fitting to share with all of my livejournal friends, both new and old (a number which is now well over a hundred!), that they might be duly warned and terrified of the grim portents which this coming night always brings along with it.

With this in mind, pull up a seat for storytime, dear friends, and harken well, for I have a tale to tell...