December 29th, 2008


Colin Macdonald: Father of one.

Perhaps a dozen or so of the readers of this blog do or have known Colin Macdonald personally, and a similar number of readers will know him as one of the chief actors in my old comic, Dave & Vyacheslav. For the rest of you, he's one of my oldest and dearest friends. This weekend, I received the following e-mail from Colin and his wife Layla in Italy: 

Linora Carolina Macdonald was born on the 23rd of December at 12:20 in the afternoon, almost two weeks late, lazy girl. Lela had to be induced, but unfortunately it wasn't working as needed so Linora was born by emergency cesarean after two days of labour. She's is happy and healthy, and as you can see by the pictures, she is in fact the cutest baby ever. At birth she weighted a reasonable 3.54 kilos, 52cm long with a 35cm head. She drinks like a sailor and has made numerous Pollocks in her diapers. We're now home a ready to celebrate a late Christmas, even though we already got the best present.

We hope you are all enjoying your holidays.

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My own response to this missive: 

Congratulations on slapping nature in the dick and telling it you don't give a shit who it thinks ought and ought not to be born. Nature is such a jerk. It's got no idea what babies are worth having around and what aren't. I think you've demonstrated much better judgment than nature this way, in that this is plainly a fine offspring you've produced. Belated congratulations on getting your DNA to intertwine successfully, incidentally.

This, incidentally, is really bizarre to me. Colin, in my mind, has to some extent never stopped being the clever, snarky, nerdy, creative, abrasive and funny teenager who attached himself to my social circle some eleven years ago, and now he is quite undeniably an adult, in a way that even his years-long proprietorship of Vancouver's #1 Satan-themed cafe and bake shop, La Cucina del Diavolo, didn't concretely make him in my mind. The heavy footfalls of inexorable march of time begin to sound louder and louder in my mind with each passing day...
Anyways, anyone who cares to leave their well-wishes, congratulations and such, leave them here and I shall make certain that Colin is alerted to them.