December 17th, 2009


Body Painting Set - Primary Causes

Aloha, friends! My apologies for being silent for far too long. The long and the short of it is that, since moving into my new place, I have been sleeping TERRIBLY, in large part due to the fact that any piece of furniture with any padding or stuffing had to be abandoned during the move in order to avoid even the possibility of bedbug infestation following me from one place to the next. The loss of my precious bed and couch, as hard a hit as it was in and of itself, was no more hard than the floor I have been sleeping on ever since then. This lack of comfortable sleep has been absolutely crippling to me, creatively. Yesterday, though, I finally got a new living room and dining room set, and was able to sleep on my comfortable new couch, getting a genuinely rejuvenating sleep for the first time in weeks. Tomorrow, I plan on also acquiring a new bed. All will be well. I have not been entirely idle in the mean time, however, having completed a new body painting set a few days ago!
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This is actually an old design I came up with years and years ago, and so perhaps a bit simple compared with some of my more recent ones. Still, I quite like it, perhaps because of that simplicity. The primary colours I applied to it, I think, work well with that design, giving it a simple, almost childishly innocent vibe which appeals to me. It is in part a reflection of this that the model and I decided to go with a kind of mid 1980s aesthetic and approach to the look of this set, since for me, that era, of course, was my childhood. The model is the obviously-lovely Naomi Ogawa, who I would quite like to work with again sometime. Though quite new to the whole "modeling" thing, she managed to come up with some quite inspired poses once she got into the swing of things. The photographer, who on livejournal is known as j_brisby, is someone I've been wanting to work with for some time now, and who I am quite pleased by the results of my collaboration with. Technically speaking, there were a couple of hurdles with this one; we didn't have the sort of lighting equipment on-hand that I would have liked, and so the images were a little bit more grainy and washed-out than I would have liked, which resulted in my needing to perform some fairly extensive photoshopping in order to rectify (keen viewers will note that the colour balances in a few of the images are a little off from one another, but this was sadly unavoidable). Also, not having any assistants on-hand for this one challenged me a little bit, as I usually count upon having some extra hands available to handle the big areas of colour while I focus on fine derail. While this lack did force me to be a little more hasty and perhaps more imprecise in some of my line work than I would have liked, at least it is nice to know I can churn out something like this on my own within four hours of painting. Anyways! Hope you all enjoy. Comments, as always, are welcome.