December 29th, 2009


I’m thinking of starting up a roleplaying game group. Who’s interested?

My regular gaming group has rather collapsed, it seems, sad to say. With one player suffering a debilitating injury which renders him bedridden, another finding his life too busy to keep up with all of his various responsibilities and a third simply withdrawing into himself for reasons which are as yet obscure, I find myself bereft of roleplaying goodness for the first time in many years, and this bugs me something fierce.

So it seems once more it falls upon me to rectify this. I once ran a regular twice-monthly game at my place which lasted fully three and a half years, which most of my players confidently asserted was the best game they had ever played in. The combination of longevity and enthusiasm tells me that I was certainly doing SOMETHING right.

Those of you who enjoy my gift for language and the telling of stories might be in some way interested to see what it’s like to take part in one such story, and if you are, then here is your opportunity!

My ideas are still a little un-formed at the moment, but I’m feeling like running a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 / Pathfinder game, tending towards low fantasy and high horror (especially as the latter is sort of a specialty of mine), though my ideas remain at least for the moment in a mutable state. What I’m interested in right now is the question of who would be in principle interested in taking part in a game at my place – located quite near Edmonds Skytrain Station and Highgate Village Mall in Burnaby – every second weekend. Probably Friday, possibly Saturday evenings.

There’s a few of you in particular I have played with in the past and would love to game with regularly now (and some of you who will be reading this – prolixapostasy , pipkin , fallenthropy , etc, know I’m speaking of you), but I’d be quite interested in expanding my social and gaming circle with anyone reading this in the greater Vancouver region who has the time and interest. Even if you have no prior experience with this hobby, it’s never too late to learn.

Let me know if you think you might potentially be interested, and we can see how things proceed from there!