June 16th, 2010


Body Painting Set - Aquatica

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This is the second set I've worked on with this model, Rinjii, and the third with this photographer, Jason J. Romein, and the results are a genuine pleasure, as always.

For this set, I had wanted something really organic looking. What I hadn't planned on, upon seeing the colour scheme applied, was how aquatic it looked. Upon seeing this, it became immediately obvious to both the model and I that we would need to do a set down by the water. And in Vancouver, there was no better place to do so than our nude beach, Wreck Beach. Though physically trying to do the painting there on the beach, the results speak for themselves.

I also want to extent my heartfelt thanks to my friend BJ, who has aided me twice before, and who went above and beyond with his contribution to this set, and without whose efforts, spirit, and camaraderie this could never have been the success that it was.