September 2nd, 2010


The Newdog15 and Pipkin Proudly Present...

 It was pointed out to me recently on 4chan that it had been entirely too long since I had produced one of these works. I agreed that the world was growing cold and dead, so long deprived of the heat and light which only a new Newdog15 re-write can provide. And so I set about finding an appopriate volume to sprinkle my literary pixie dust over, contacted my dear friend and sometime-collaborator, pipkin , and made some arrangements.

A few weeks later, we have fruit! Fruits of our labour, ready to be crushed into jam, jarred and placed in the storage cupboards of your mind, there to provide your brains with nourishment during those long dark days when reality is feeling just a little too real for you.

Behold, friends and readers, for we bring to you...

Scraw!: The Ballad of the Insanity-Inducing Poison Shorthair, Verse 1.

Collapse )As always, dear friends, comments are warmly invited.