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Fuckin' Anime

I was about eight paragraphs into writing a post about how I was washing my hands of all harem anime forever, when it became clear how little I had to say on the topic which wasn't said in the Wikipedia entry on the subject which I was linking to anyways. So: I invite you to read this and share in my contempt. 

All I really have to say on the topic which isn't said there, I say here: 

I recently watch the long, long, long-awaited conclusion of Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki! (which finally concluded after about a seven year hiatus), and was disgusted by the fact that they couldn't be bothered to resolve the romantic tension which WAS THE ENTIRE SUBSTANCE of the plot up to that point! I get it. I know. It's not commercial to resolve these things. But if, as stated, it is their earnest intention to have the series finished, then fuck commercial. Fuck stringing the audience along. Finish the story and give us some motherfucking satisfaction. 

A year or so back, I watched the end of the Sabre Marionette J series, which was similar, though considerably more sophisticated. It was a fucking harem anime, too. But at least by the end, it addressed the weakness of the genre. The three girls who were vying for the affections of the male lead finally confronted him and just accused him of being a selfish coward for refusing to choose one of them and make a commitment; his excuse, that he liked them all, was nothing but self-indulgent bullshit. He considered this, and admitted it was true. And he made a choice. The writers, though, coped out, by having some backgound noise drown out his words, and at no point was the choice he made made evident, since all three girls ended up getting killed right afterwards. I applaud the choices of the characters, since it reflected what I thought of the genre, but the cowardace of the writers, who didn't want to offend the two-thirds of the audience who weren't rooting for that particular hook-up remained contemptable. No, it wasn't even cowardace. They just did what was commercial. They did what they needed to in order to sustain their fandom. In that sense, it's not their fault. It's the fault of the fans. 

Fucking anime fans. Their small-minded, emotionally immature bullshit keeps many a potentially-quality story from having satisying conclusions. 

So I'm done with the lot of them. I wash my hands of the genre. It exists to pander to the needs of people whose needs, within their fiction, are diametrically opposed to my own. They need for there to never be a conclusion, so that the romantic resolution which they've projected themselves into is never concluded. I don't require this, because I don't give a shit about living vicariously through a bunch of fucking cartoon characters. I just want to see a good story. Is that too much to ask? 

Well, apparantly in this genre it is. So fuck 'em all. 

Hey, only six paragraphs this time. Much better.
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