dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Venture Bros.

Any of you folks out there watching The Venture Bros?

I don't watch a lot of TV. In fact... at the moment, this is actually the only TV show I'm watching, what with Dr. Wgo, Battlestar Galactica, and Family Guy between seasons. This is because, however, I have remarkably high standards for what I watch. This having been said, I think I can say that, even if those other three shows were running right now, Venture Bros would remain my favourite show. It's up to episode 4 of season 2. I just went out and bought a DVD set of season 1. And you know why? It's because I feel it's important that I financially contribute to the show, so as to ensure there's a season 3. 

This show takes such an awesomely nonchalant, indifferent attitude towards all the super-science and supernatural stuff which clusters around each and every plotline. Two of the main characters are a necromancer (so you know I'm sold right there!) named Dr. Orpheus, and a sort of half-assed super-scientist named Dr. Venture. They're basically buddies, but Dr. Venture speaks down to Dr. Orpheus all the time, I think mostly because he likes to get his goat. This episode, Dr. Venture takes some time out from saving his sons' lives from deadly peril to have a pointless dick-waving contest with Orpheus, over who can shrink themselves more effectively. Dr. Orpheus decides to go visit his master in a realm called "The Necropolis", to seek his advice. When he gets there, his master is sitting on his throne, in the form of the three-headed hound, Cerberus. Here's a snippet of conversation between them which sums up the charm of the show for me.

Cerberus: You're a know-it-all. And no one likes a ...

(One of his three heads starts noisily licking his crotch. He looks over, somewhat surprised)

Cerberus: ... wait, hold on a sec.

Orpheus: I only know that I know nothing.

Cerberus: Way to quote something I said, like, a year ago. But I'm serious, hold on. This other head likes to clean my genitals with his mouth. I know that sounds weird. I let him do it... because it feels great. Oh-h, yeah. The problem is, I can taste it. So... I taste my own genitals. In my mouth. It's...<chuckles> ... a conundrum.

Orpheus: M...master, what bearing does this have...

Cerberus: Hey, would you let me enjoy this? Damn, don't you know how good this feels? Oh, no, wait! I'm sorry. Your wife left you because you DON'T know how good this feels! 


Just go watch the show, damnit.

Tags: comedy, tv

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