dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Ah, the 19th century

Those who are aware of my particular tastes and fancies know well my peculiar fascination with the 19th century. The aesthetics, the crisp diction of the time, and the enterprising spirit which characterizes the time all speak to some peculiar element of my person. In this taste, I have been well-served, of late. With first my receipt of Matthew Fraction’s Five Fists of Science, and now, more recently, my viewing on one Mr. Michael Mignola’s ‘The Amazing Screw-On Head’, I must confess, it does not seem unlike that there are those in the entertainment industry whose intent it is to see to it that my interests, in particular, should be seen to. With the upcoming release of the third volume of Mr. Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, this impression is only bolstered.

For those who, like myself, brisk adventure in the science-fiction vein, who are not averse to a good hearty laugh or two along the way, I would most vigorously endorse the aforementioned Amazing Screw-On Head, which can, at present, be viewed free of charge here. All that the proprietors ask in return for this service is that, on a purely voulentary basis, mind, you should do the courtesy of filling out a brief survey as pertains to your thoughts on the preceding programme.

I will note here, that my room-mate, Aaron, being an absolute boor and ungrateful lout, could not see his way to filling out the review form even after watching and enjoying the programme. If an act does not immediately benefit him, then even the least of efforts towards that act is inconceivable for him. Gratitude, even in the spirit of enlightened self-interest, is quite foreign to him. He is honestly something of an oaf.

Tags: 19th century, aaron, comic books, culture

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