dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Christian Love Songs

Okay. I'm feelin' a mite pissed off. I'm not going into detail here. You should be able to infer at least some of it from context. 

Really, I'm feeling pretty predisposed to being pissed-off. Hearing even a few stray lyrics of any love song is enough to make me want to put my fist through a fucking wall right now. Really gets the adrenaline going, know what I'm saying? 

Now, it's occurred to me: I've been working out about 16 hours a week lately, and I've been experimenting with different types of music to have playing on my MP3 player while doing so. Might a selection of love songs, especially with christian overtones not be effective in motivating myself to push myself that much harder? 

I imagine myself listening to a loop of that crap, and developing the absolute fucking certainty that I do not merely want, but NEED the strength necessary to strangle the life out of the world itself with my bare fucking hands. So I'd better work out harder, because that ol' world is clearly mocking me with this banal, mindless bullshit. 

Dillemma: I don't know a thing about this genre of music. Don't know where to look. Don't know where to start.

Therefore: Can any of you suggest some good selections to elevate me to the very apex of all possible fury? The most brainless, mainstream, vapid turds-in-the-toilet-bowl-of-human-thought, god-loving, trapped-in-the-bronze-age garbage out there? Those of you living down south of the border in that wacky christian nation of yours ought to have greater insight into this, I should think. 

Tags: fitness, personal crap

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