dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Tzimisce artwork!

The other piece I've been working on which I allude to yesterday. I'm really very proud of this one; it's the culmination of many hours of work, and a design which I put a lot of thought and work into. 

Long story short: This is - once again - a villain in my Werewolf: The apocalypse game which I was fond of enough to create an illustration of. She's a vampire (of the Vampire: The Masquerade variety) of the clan Tzimisce. They have the ability - along with a variety of other standard vampiric abilities - to alter the flesh and bones of themselves and others to suit their needs or aesthetic purposes. This woman has obviously spent a good deal of time adjusting herself to her satisfaction. The mask is sort of a uniform element. The band of vampires she leads all wear similar skull-themed masks, mostly because it's damned creepy looking, but also to foster group identity, which is always useful to a leader who wishes to dehumanize their troops and foster out-group hostility. 

Tags: artwork, rpgs, vampire, werewolf

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