dave_littler (dave_littler) wrote,

Number Zero

An unfinished bit of artwork here, and one which I've been trying to finish for months now. I just don't seem to have it in me to sit down and get it done. As much as I like the design, I think this one is going into my "unfinished" file and staying there. 

Nevertheless, even in its unfinished state, I think it's pretty nice.  The concept is a little complex to explain to the layman, and so, rather than go into details, I will give a sort of two-tier approach to explanation : 

To people who know and get White Wolf's original World of Darkness setting: It is a Tzimisce in Zulo form which has become a fomori possessed by a bane servitor of Relshab the Faceless Eater. 

To people who don't know or care: It is a vampire which is possessed by a demon, which has messed him up pretty good.

Tags: artwork, rpgs, tzimisce, vampire, werewolf

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