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Body Painting - Square Spiral

Guess what? Less than a month after the last one, I've got another ew body painting set to show! 

This one is modelled by my friend Debbie, who I worked with once before, years ago, and who, prior to her coming over to be painted, I hadn't seen in a year or so. I had been telling her about a design I had come up with for a very slight girl some months earlier (who then flaked on me), and how I hadn't been able to find another model suitable for it. Debbie pointed out that she was very light herself, and voulenteered to model this design for me. Indeed, her assessment of her own frame was if anything an understatement, but this proved no obstacle for me, since - as I have stated before - I'm growing to like working with a good variety of body types more and more. 

So, this one was very loosely inspired by the facial tattoos of the Maori , which I have always adored. I wanted to create a design which was symmetrical in a number of places, and in all other places ... well, you can see for yourself. I think the effect is a neat one. Obviously, this design is a bit of a departure for me, in that it leaves a great deal more bare skin than any other set I've done to date, but in the quest to always do something new with each new set I do, such departures ought to be more the norm than the exception. 

I don't know what more there is to say, but...



24th May, 2008 06:00 (UTC)
True, really nice work by the way
24th May, 2008 06:13 (UTC)

Indeed! And indeed, here: Have some more!


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