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A Kentucky Barmaid in the Court of King Louis XIII - The latest offering from NewDog15

After far, far too long a delay, my latest opus is at long last complete and ready for consumption by a public no doubt shuddering with need and quivering with barely-contained anticipation.

Read and enjoy, dear friends. And do remember: This work, as with anything I ever have or ever shall present within the NewDog15 body of work, is quite spectacularly not safe for work.

For those of you - among them many of the regular readers of my journal who are less than entirely familliar with the context of all of this business, I encourage you to click the Newdog15 tab on this entry and read the previous such entry to get some perspective here.

More particularly, as pertains to the omni-present and intentionally baffling racial and ethnic stereotypes, I offer this in explanation: My "Spiritual mentor" has a habit of taking obviously Japanese characters and treating them as though they were Americans in his "unauthorized re-writes", up to the point of giving them names like "Bubba" and "Lulu" and such. I decided I would pay him some homage with this one; taking characters who are not only obviously Japanese, but in fact attending a Japanese cultural festival and dressed in traditional Japanese garb, and writing them as not only specifically western, but openly contemptuous of all things Japanese and in fact, all things of any culture other than their own. I thought it would be all the better if there was absolutely nothing underlying that racist elitism; stereotypes which make no sense and have no bearing upon reality whatsoever...

Unless chinamen actually DO steal the food from your very mouth. I'm not sure. I've accidentally stumbled into the realm of absurd reality once too often to be completely contemptuous of the possibility.

Tags: 19th century, comedy, comic books, japanese, newdog15, penis, writing

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