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The Newdog15 Presents...

Rejoice and be merry! Less than a month after the release of Luck be an Empty Vessel for my Poisonous, Flesh-Destroying Seed Tonight, comes the Newdog15's most politically-charged thriller of all time...
Red Crabs and Bad Magicians: Workers Unite on the People's Ocean!

For this masterwork, I am joined by a dear friend, one Doctor Ultimo, who I have for some eight years now hoped to collaborate with creatively. Alas, for all his towering intellect and sparkling wit, never has his genius been committed to text in this form before. Frankly, I suspect that his never-ending one man war on his hated enemy, the wicked King of Portugal, has dominated so much of his time that such pursuits have been frankly impossible. With the completion of this work, however, he has tasted the sweet juice of the fruit of success and found it pleasing. Already he speaks of our next collaboration. I can only hope the oppressed people of Portugal can afford to go without their living folk hero for another few days in the near future.

Now, without further ado...

I sincerely hope you have all enjoyed this latest offering some fraction of the degree to which we enjoyed producing it.

And speaking of you, it seems that since my last posting to this journal, we have been joined by some sixteen new friends! So, those of you who are new here, by all means sound off and say hello. Make yourself at home among the regulars, and let's hear what you think of this grand opus of economic intrigue.


It bears pointing out, it seems to me, in the interests of prudence, that the above link perhaps ought not to be clicked upon whilst at your workplace, as some of the images in the tale woven therein have some faintly sexual undertones, which - depending upon your employer - may not reflect favourably upon your place in the workforce.


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(Deleted comment)
15th Dec, 2008 23:58 (UTC)
If I can increase the overall dampness of just ONE pair of pants in this world through my writing - regardless of the chemical composition of that fluid - then my work has been entirely justified.
15th Dec, 2008 19:38 (UTC)
IF I'm not mistaken the artist who does this is Tuna Empire, and from what I've seen of his work it seems likely the original text wasn't completely dissimilar, this is a guy who has drawn Saddam Hussein and George Bush double teaming a girl.

I guess what I'm saying is: Does a comedy rewrite subvert the underlying source if the source already was a comedy?
15th Dec, 2008 23:57 (UTC)
It's tough t osay. In the same magazine, we saw a story of a cloning facility where Kitsunes were being bred and fucked to death. We saw a six year old boy fucking his enormous-breasted mother and literally just being buried under her enormous bust. And we saw dickgirl after dickgril after dickgirl. And all of it being apparantly played straight.

For me, I've just gotten to the point that anything - no matter how ridiculous or appalling - that Japan does within their pornography is meant entirely sincerely and without ironic or comedic intent. If I'm wrong in this case, then I'm wrong. But I feel like I did my best to sincerely misrepresent a lot of what we were able to infer about the original story, and I feel like I can say with some confidence that the female "protagonist" wasn't originally a capitalist strawman used to promote international communism by means of ridiculous negative example.

Edit: For examples, the girls didn't have the dollar signs all over them in the original art (these I added to help change the overall character of their portrayal), and though their captors are plainly russian, I get the sense they were trying to rescue captured Japanese nationals on-board.

Edited at 2008-12-16 00:01 (UTC)
21st Dec, 2008 05:34 (UTC)
After a brief search on 4chans rapidshare board I have come to realize Tuna Empire is the author of Viva Freedom...Which I think is the one about bush and Hussein double teaming a girl...I remember bush and Osama but I haven't read it in a long time... Will have to redownload that.

And for what it is worth Tuna Empire does publish a manga called "The Spirit of Capitalism"...After a brief flip through it doesn't have quite the hilarity as "Viva Freedom".

As for whether the Japanese are capable of publishing humor I think "Viva Freedom" is a prime example of what humor is supposed to be. In your example of what you mentioned the magazine had in it "Kitsune death fucking,large breasted shota and dickgirls" well...the fact is that is meant to appeal to fetishes where as the Bush and Hussein Dping a woman is probably meant more as a joke then anything arousing.

24th Feb, 2009 04:08 (UTC)
You are the highest caliber of artisan, to be sure.
24th Feb, 2009 04:29 (UTC)
This is the standard which at all times I aspire to. The knowledge that I succeed as consistently as I do in the eyes of those whose minds I expose to the wonders of my creations is a source of consistent jubilation and sporadic hopping about happily for me.
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