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Body Painting - Golden Sun

A year and change ago, I was informed by a girl I knew that she had cast a magical spell on me which was preventing me from doing any body painting. Anyone who knows me will be little-surprised to learn that I greeted this news with some hearty skepticism, and indeed went ahead to do a handful of body painting sets later on that year, though I was swiftly reminded of the all-to-real and non-magical reasons why I had ceased to do so a year or so prior: Getting models and photographers together for this type of work is like herding cats, and broken promises by either are about as common as blades of grass on a lawn.

This year, though, I’ve decided upon a solution to this problem which is beginning to shape up as fairly effective, which is a little something I like to call “accuracy by volume”: In essence, I begin to make arrangements with about twenty models and ten different photographers at the same time, and within a month or so, maybe I’ve got a few actual sets goin’ down. Today, I have the first fruits of this labour to present. And while magical spells may not be real, fantasy-mediaeval fiction is a deep well indeed, and one which one can readily draw all sorts of inspiration from, such as this sort of walking-coat-of-arms set here:

For this set, I was capably assisted by [info]wronske  and [info]prolixapostasy  , with photography provided by Jason J. Romein, and modeled by someone who has since told me she wishes to remain anonymous. The sword prop here was provided by[info]traikunborn , whom I also extend my heartfelt thanks to.

This is the first set I’ve done in many years which involved metallic paints, mainly because previous experiences in which the metallic paints I’ve used have flaked and chipped off far too quickly and easily were deeply frustrating to me, but having discovered the pure joy which is working with paints from a company called Pebeo, those fears have been allayed, and I do believe I’ll be doing a few similarly-gleaming sets in the very near future.


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13th Jul, 2009 13:35 (UTC)
Gorgeous! Really nice effect :D

-- A <3
14th Jul, 2009 01:51 (UTC)
Thank you, thank you.

One thing I should have mentioned above, as far as the "effect" goes, is that I actually added a matte medium to the red paint to make it as low-gloss and non-shine as possible, so that the gold paint would gleam that much more brilliantly by comparison. I think that the results speak for themselves.
13th Jul, 2009 14:49 (UTC)
oh, wow. these turned out even better than i imagined they would. the gold looks amazing; it really caught the light. i think the second photo is my favorite.
14th Jul, 2009 01:45 (UTC)
Well, I punched up the colours just a little in Photoshop, as I always do. The original photos I got from Jay were a little on the low-contrast and grey side for my liking, so I had to do so anyways, but I figured as long as I was doing so, why not go for broke?
13th Jul, 2009 16:29 (UTC)
13th Jul, 2009 17:10 (UTC)
14th Jul, 2009 01:43 (UTC)
Technically, to be 100% accurate, she actually referred to it not as a 'spell', but as a 'prayer', but as I understand it, the principle is the same: a series of hand gestures, combined with talking to yourself really intently, with the goal of having some supernatural agency interfere with the workings of the physical world according to your wishes. They are also similar in terms of their effectiveness.
13th Jul, 2009 17:52 (UTC)
The design actually reminds me more of something Aztecan or Mayan...
Beautiful colors!
14th Jul, 2009 01:47 (UTC)
My friend Ray (or Prolixapostasy, if you will), suggested the same thing, though I would point out that if this were the case, the prop I sould have used would have been one of those awesome war-clubs that they used, rather than a sword.

Sometimes these things sneak up on you, though. My classic "Rorschach Cabaret" set, which was always meant to be based upon a Rorschach ink-blot test, has frequently been taken to be a cow-themed set.
13th Jul, 2009 18:07 (UTC)
Those are amazing. Beautiful.
13th Jul, 2009 18:29 (UTC)
Well done :)
13th Jul, 2009 19:24 (UTC)
Love the color combination
14th Jul, 2009 01:49 (UTC)
Some sets, I dither about over the colour scheme for a couple of days before settling on one that works for me. With this one, though, I always knew I wanted red and gold. I'm really glad it worked as well as I imagined it would.
14th Jul, 2009 03:43 (UTC)
This is beautiful. I love the design and I love her eyes.
15th Jul, 2009 17:25 (UTC)
Pretty cool
16th Jul, 2009 12:49 (UTC)
I like how, when her legs are closed, it forms an arrow shape right at the crotchal region.

Also, how do women generally react to a gentlemen wanting to slosh paint on their vaginas and the crack 'o doom there? Seems like the same kind of reaction I'd make right around prostate checking time, only without the comfort that ol' Doc Rubenstein's a medical professional.
16th Jul, 2009 16:31 (UTC)
Well, it's part of the business, you know. If they've agreed to the act of being painted in the first place, they've basically already agreed to that part as well. I just don't draw any attention to it; I'm all business when I'm doing my painting.
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20th Jul, 2009 03:14 (UTC)
So, what is it that you do? Are you a painter?

20th Jul, 2009 04:27 (UTC)
Nope. I'm an apple farmer. What you see here is the finest and most exotic apple my orchard has ever produced. I can personally tell you that it was fucking delicious.
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26th Jul, 2009 10:08 (UTC)
This made me think "hey, I wonder if I'd want to do body paiting sometime"
and then I went "wait, fuck no"
cool stuff though
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