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The most delightfully malign notion

I had a notion last night which I know I will never have the means to act upon. If I thought I might have the means, I would never speak of it here, but rather act upon it and only later speak of what CAME of the notion. As it stands, I hope that some entertainment can be gleaned of the notion itself.

My idea was this:

I would take a script for a short film which I - and perhaps a similarly mad friend - had created, and find a group of people willing and able to take this script and bring it to life. In each of four cities.

Four crews, each unaware of the others' existence. Each unaware of one anothers' task. Each thinking that they and they alone were working on creating this film.

Four groups of documentarians would also be enlisted. They would be aware of the scope of my mad ambition. Each team would document the efforts of one of the teams.

The four teams would each be given the same deadline by which they would need to complete this project. Each would be given the same date on which a screening of the finished project would occur.

On that day, the documentarians would have pulled a bit of the old switcheroo. For you see, at this screening, at which not only the crews responsible for the creation of the films would be there, but so too would be their friends and families, something quite unexpected would occur. For, you see, instead of the film they had produced, they would be treated to the three films which they had NOT produced. But which have identical scripts to the films which they DID produce.

And the documentatarians would be there at the same screening. Watching. And filming.

In the end, a documentary would be assembled which would reveal the scope of the project, and the efforts of the four groups, each unwittingly taking part in a giant prank on three other groups, while at once being the victim of three other groups, themselves.

This documentary would be assembled on a DVD, along with these four films, and some hysterically cackling commentary by me.

And sold as evidence of one of the most surreal bits of performance art ever.

See, now? See why you should all make me rich? Do you see how much more beautiful the world would be if I had limitless resources?

As it stands, only one group is producing a film whose cript a friend and I produced. It will be a fine thing, but not the glory that would exist in a perfect world.