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Dave Littler's Tall Blog of Strength!

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I am Dave! I am tall! I am strong! I bring order to your life, because you love me, and will obey me! All beings will know the gift which is my order, and all beings will know my love! There is nothing that I cannot do, and there is nothing which is done which is not to my will! I am Dave! I am tall! I am strong! Know the love which is my order, and rejoice!


If you want to friend me, then by all means, just do it. Don't worry about asking permission. All are welcome to friend me and comment on anything I post here. I screen comments to weed out the worst of the trolls I periodically accrue, but I welcome a good disagreement, and will gladly hash out any debates, arguments, or questions which are honestly put before me. Keeps the old grey meat limber, don't you know? As I write this, I'm already on more than four dozen peoples' friends lists, and I don't know more than five percent of them. Another fifty, or a hundred, or whatever, isn't going to bother me. Come one, come all.

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